Who am I?

I'm definitely a late bloomer!  Certainly not  what you'd call conventional. I've always swum, (rather quietly) against the tide. 

My passion for nature, and helping to connect people with the natural world inspires me.   I'm always drawn to detail, and finding beauty and interest in what might seem ordinary and commonplace. I love helping people to find and embrace their own creativity.

My art is mainly nature focused, and there is always a story in some form or another, I can't seem to  complete the process without words... 

Our wildlife garden is my special place - it's not quite on our doorstep! It takes a minute or so to walk to it from our home. It's been created over the last 10 years from an area of scrub grassland and brambles. We've only had power available out there in the last couple of years, so it really has been a labour of love, in more ways than one! Now we have a variety of native plants, shrubs, and trees providing colour and interest for us; and food and shelter all year round for a host of regular visitors!  My dream is to have a small pond.......

Our home backs on to marshland which is the last remaining part of the North Somerset levels.  A short distance away is the beautiful and historic  Kings Weston Estate. These local places and mwildlife garden are where
 I do most of my nature journaling. I always have a sketchbook/artist's journal to hand.  

I'm also an Urban Sketcher and admin/contact for  Bristol Urban Sketchers 

In a special relationship, I work in partnership  'across the pond' with my friend, the talented Michelle May of  The Raspberry Rabbits , North Carolina, USA,  doing something we think is rather unique and a bit special in the textile world.  

Home is with my husband, and Badger, our rescue cat, who is learning to rule her humans. She had a bad start but is now enjoying being the most important being ever.... We discovered early on she is a house cat and that 'outside' is a most terrifying place - especially grass, which is an evil monster and must not be stepped on! 

Fortunately, this means we have no worries about her hunting in the garden. 'Those big flappy things are really scary, you know'!

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